Starting from the 1st of July we will dive again in TODI.

Check the agenda!

Starting from May 11, we will only work by appointment.

The only way to garantee the safety of you and ourselves.

For an appointment call: 

0477 35 83 02

PCP shooting

Are you looking for accessories for pcp shooting or 300 bar tanks?

Make an appointment at one of our shops and we will help you!

Paintball / airsoft / PCP shooting

Would you like to make movies?

Do you have an action cam?

Are you satisfied with your footage?

Take our specialty course with your action cam and enjoy better footage!


Start to Dive

Curious about what it is like to be able to breathe and swim under water?

With the "try dive" course, a complete new experience will open up for you during a private lesson, duly adapted to your agenda and level of experience.

Start to Snorkel

Would you like to try snorkeling but you have little experience?

Our school provides private snorkling courses, duly adapted to your level of experience and to your availability.

Dive courses

Always wanted to dive? Planning a follow-up course?

Advanced? Rescue?

Adapted to your agenda, the private courses offered can start whenever suits you best !

Dive- & snorkel shop

In need of specific equipment? Needing a new mask, fins or air for your tank?

Our dive- and snorkel shops offer an extensive range of general equipment yet also specialised parts.

Dive action

Connect with our divers' network and stay tuned on our activities and dive trips.

Join our trips whenever you feel like diving; and get some extra dive-services in return.

Fullface snorkelmaks: discover our assortment

Choose your favorite colour ...

... and enjoy ...

the most unique snorkel experience !


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August 2017

Solomon Islands is a very remote destination, perfect for an adventurous dive trip.

Read our experiences on those beautiful islands.

If you want to know more, send us an email or visit us in one of our dive shops.

Online shop


DIN regulator

Titan + octopus

  Normal price € 369,- 

Now only € 300,-



Order online, choose for delivery at home or to collect your order at one of our dive shops.

 Time To Boat (recognised school)

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Do you want to have your boating license?

Are you interested in rubber boats or boat accessoires?


               Visit our website:


  info@timetodive.be                                                                  TIME TO DIVE Hasselt / Leuven / Halen                                                  www.TIMETODIVE.be